pi-conscious project explained

Numbers represent everything around us.  Pi may be world’s most mysterious number.  The decimal representation of pi never ends or repeats.  No pattern in over 1 trillion digits of the decimal representation of pi has ever been found.

The pi-conscious project is a reflection of art, numbers and human emotion.  When you hear a number of pi, what color does it make you think of or feel?

Participants are told a number of pi, in sequence, and paint their reaction to the number on a small, square piece of canvas, without seeing previous participants colors.  Painted squares are then glued to their corresponding number on a large canvas with 100 digits of pi in order.  This process can be repeated on more canvases and displayed in rows in a gallery setting.

The pi-conscious project does not claim to have any answers to pi.  It’s an experiment relying on the possibility that patterns may emerge through our collective human consciousness by thinking about numbers of pi as colors.  This project asks the question, “What if we are all part of the digits of pi?”


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The pi-conscious project was created by Ronald Gramling (May 2011)